2.1 & 2.2

This week:

Finish 2.1:

-4 finished compositions on tracing paper of found action marks, each with at least 2 layers. Layout is up to you.

-4 finished iDraw renderings that map the compositional principles of historical artworks. Post them on your blog (labeled with artwork and title) AND print them out and paste them onto good paper! Layout is up to you. Don’t simply trace the artworks! Using line and shape, map the: Action, Movement, Positive/ Negative Space, and Other Compositional Strategies Employed by the Artist on your iPad in iDraw. Your job is to demonstrate that you understand how positive & negative space is used, how your eye is guided around the page, and how the gestalt principles are used to create successful artworks! Example:image3

Begin 2.2:

-Watch the following videos:

How to be Creative

Ingrid Calame

Sol Lewitt

Tom Marioni and here

Tony Orrico

Heather Hansen

-Brainstorm several ideas for your own methodology, or working method, that your group could use to create an artwork. Look at and discuss each others’ solutions, brainstorm new solutions. Refine details, troubleshoot problems. In your groups, choose one methodology to create an artwork ­ the end result can be (almost) any medium. Write a materials list ­ What exactly will you need to complete the project?

Write a plan for your project. What will you do? How will it be achieved? Where will this take place?

How big or small? Will you need permission to use the space?
Remember, you are not looking to “Make a Calame” or “Lewitt”, but to be inspired by the kind of methods they practice. Deviation is encouraged.

Blog Homework:

-Restage a historical artwork from the dropbox on my blog (Inspiration here and here and here and here)

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